To finish...

With the wild destruction of the old polyester shells. Most often by clandestine incineration with all the toxic emissions to the atmosphere that this implies.

 To meet expectations
  • -> Communities and marinas often confronted with abandoned wrecks.
  • -> Professionals of the sale of boats whose parks are encumbered with boats sucked reduced to the state of wreck and whose rehabilitation costs condemn them never again to sail.
  • -> Experts and insurance companies respectful of the environment and concerned about the traceability of the damaged boats.

 Two professional boaters create CROQ'BATO

Located in Vendée on the coastal town of Talmont Saint Hilairemap croq'bato
CROQ'BATO has recently set up an exclusive partnership with FERS, a subsidiary of the Brangeon group, Transports Logistique et Environnement, specialized in the upgrading and recycling of industrial waste on ICPE-listed sites.